WordPress Reinvents its Popular Plugins

Since its debut, WordPress has been always trying to provide the best themes and the most varied plugins that can help the individual users and start-up projects and businesses to achieve their purposes. However, the viral platform WordPress is planning to end the year on good terms with its fan club by promoting the most famous plugins that can allow the users to perfectly manage the content of their websites and blogs, track and monitor the page visitors and the top viewed posts, modify the images according to the content, and also create various types of campaigns and polls and view their results. For instance, “MyCurator” is a useful tool to help create the right material for the user’s website; the “MyCurator” plugin involves a varied array of features that aid the user to create and arrange the content of the page based on the preferred topics and ideas.

“Listly” is also another WordPress plugin that’s essentially an assistant to create and arrange lists within the website; the user can easily deploy the features of “Listly”to create and manage the lists and their contents as the well-known plugin offers multiple types of layouts and can help the user customize his shortcode. Of course, it’s more important than ever to improve the qualityand availability of your page and that’s why “Yoast SEO” is becoming an increasingly important tool that helps the user enhance the search engine results. The owners of the WordPress websites and blogs are growingmore interested in broadening the scope of their posts and contents on the search engines so that their audiences and fans grow more and more. “Yoast SEO” thus provides multiple features that aim to better promotethe posts and bloggings in the search results which leads to more viewers and visitors per day.

And if the user wishes to display some posts from his Instagram account, WordPress has already provided its customers with the “Instagram Feed” plugin that’s practicallya unique tool to show some of the Instagram images on the user’s site or on different sections of the same site. Additionally, WordPress has also debuted “Disqus” that allows the users of any website more optionswhen it comes to commenting and controlling the comments section. By using “Disqus”, the WordPress customer can ditch the default commenting setup and use the popular plugin that presents voting features, imagesand video clips uploading, incorporation of multiple media platforms – such as Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo – and email notifications amongst other features. There are obviously a wide variety of plugins on WordPress that attractnew users and, at the same time, ease the use and management of the already established websites and WordPress blogs.

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