Security for Your WordPress Website

It is incredibly exciting to finally launch your website and make it live for the whole world to see. On the other hand, it can be quite a feat maintaining that status and fending off blacklisting, DDoS attacks, malware and other forms of invasion.

If your website is one that simply cannot be left to risk any kind of invasion at all, then website security is an interest you will want to pursue at once. It is the only way to remain truly safe.

It is always important to first find out exactly what types of security your host offers along with the package you purchased. Knowing what you already have can save money that would be wasted purchasing another service that is already a part of your current platform. Next, you will need to check for gaps in security coverage. A scan for malware will only do so much if you do not also have security in place for its quick removal.

All of the following items are things you will want in place for your site, especially if security is a priority.

  • Backups several times per day
  • A secure firewall
  • Single-port DB access
  • The ability to detect threats in real-time
  • DDoS protection
  • Detection and prevention of intrusions
  • Brute-Force protection
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