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When you extend yourself so greatly in order to target and draw in traffic, it can be a real downer to see that your email list is not being built as you had hoped it would. The truth is, people do not sign up on a whim. You have to have to something of value to offer them. You have to make them feel as if they’ve been won over by what you are giving away or selling. In light of these situations, an online course can be an invaluable resource.

Creating a valuable online course, which could easily be charged for, but yet is offered free of charge, can make opting in seem like a great move on the part of any visitor to your website. This is especially the came if you are niche-specific. Some of the functions this course can serve include driving in a significant growth for your email list, establishing your authority in your given field, and leading people into your funnel, whatever the next stage may be.

Of course, you do not have to feel stuck in the “free” zone. Courses that are only available via paid subscription or fee can turn your knowledge into financial revenue. In some cases, that revenue can become a recurring thing, especially if you offer community features or some kind of ongoing education or training.

An important aspect of offering a valuable online course is making sure your software is easy to use. If your students find it annoying or the interface does not do them much good, you are going to wind up losing. A very reputable LMS (learning management system, or a truly all in one SaaS tool, is completely necessary in this case.

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