WordPress Comment Optimization

User engagement can easily be guaged by the number of comments on your posts. This type of engagement can boost links, traffic and improve your SEO all at the same time.

However, you’ll have to be vigilant in making sure that those comments are not incoming spam. Spammers make it their job of add comments that contain links that are no good. This, in turn, can create havoc for your rankings in search results.

One way to combat spam comments is to utilize Askimet. Every WordPress site has this plugin installed for this very purpose. If Askimet cannot handle the number of spam comments you are receiving, be sure to check for different tips on how to do so within WordPress.

If your blog, on the other hand, has a great many comments that are not spam, and are from genuine engagement by users, you can ten be proud of creating a website that is engaging. Still, too many users commenting on a single post can affect how quickly the page loads, which will also affect your ranking in a search result.

One way to offset the comment burden, should you become overloaded with engagement, os to create multiple pages for those comments, effectively splitting them up. This is called pagination and there are tutorials available to teach you how to do this.

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